Should You Go To A Hair Salon To Get Your Hair Colored? Yes, And Here Are The Reasons Why

You have been considering dying your hair for the first time, or perhaps you have gone to the salon for a color before. You might even have been picking up a box of hair color from the drug store and wondered if it was the right way to go. Should you go to a hair salon to get your hair colored? Yes, it is a good idea to do so, if you can afford to, and there are a few reasons why.

The Perfect Shade

When you want to dye your hair, either the original color to cover grey, or to completely change your look, you have the perfect shade in mind. While the model's hair on the box might be just what you are looking for, the actual color on your head might not match. A box color has a one-size-fits-all type of formulation, meaning, for example, that it is always the same amount of developer for everyone. A stylist at a salon will change the amount of developer and even mix colors to get the perfect color and shade for the individual person.

Difference Between the Types

When you buy box color, you can choose from semi-permanent, demi-permanent and permanent color. The same is true if you head to the salon, but when you buy a box color, for example, the semi-permanent color dye is supposed to wash out after a few shampoos. This mostly isn't the case, however. There usually will be some color left over that can affect the color of your hair until it grows out or until the next time you dye it.

At the salon, there is a real difference between the three types of dye, and when you ask for semi-permanent, it really does wash out in a few weeks without damaging your hair. Hair salon color can give you the look you want, and your hair won't feel like straw.


In order to get a professional and great look when you dye your hair, it's best to apply the color using a brush. A bottle doesn't get the same kind of coverage that a brush does. A stylist applies the chosen color from where the new growth starts to where the old color meets the new growth or where the grey begins. It is impossible to make sure you don't overlap your new color with the old on your own to prevent banding.

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