FAQs About Laser Hair Removal On Your Legs

Are you tired of shaving or waxing your leg hair? It can feel like a never-ending battle. You shave or wax it away, but before long, you're right back where you started. If this sounds all too familiar, then you may be a good candidate for laser hair removal. Here are some questions people often have before scheduling laser hair removal for their legs. Are the results permanent? The results are not permanent in the sense that they are not life-long. Read More 

Have Frizzy Hair All The Time? 3 Tips To Smooth It Down

You can get frizzy hair if you live in an area that gets high humidity, as well as if you towel-dry your hair, wash your hair in hot water, use heat styling, and wash your hair too much. Fortunately, there are things you can do to smooth your hair, three of which are listed below.  Use a Keratin Hair-Smoothing Treatment  A keratin hair-smoothing treatment will calm frizzy hair. You will also hear this referred to as a Brazilian blowout. Read More 

Useful Actions To Take When Having PRP Microneedling Performed For Cosmetic Reasons

If you have imperfections like acne scars or wrinkles, there are a bunch of cosmetic treatments for them. One that's showing a lot of promise is PRP (plasma-rich platelets) microneedling. This involves moving fine needles across the skin and adding blood platelets into the indentions. If you want to get the best results from this treatment option, take these actions. Find a Spa Certified in This Procedure You want to make sure you head to a beauty spa where technicians are certified to complete PRP microneedling because this can be a pretty technical procedure. Read More 

Common Types Of Pedicures To Choose From

Years ago, getting a pedicure basically meant getting your nails trimmed and painted. It still does today, but now there are multiple types of pedicures to choose from. Some spas only have two or three options on the menu, but others have more. Here are some of the most common types of pedicures to choose from. Basic Pedicure If you see a basic pedicure on the spa menu, know this is the standard approach. Read More 

Skin Tightening Rejuvenation For Your Stomach: What To Expect

You can get skin tightening rejuvenation done on various parts of your body, from your face to your stomach to your thighs or buttocks. Where you get your skin tightening done is dependent upon the areas of your body you want to work on and other factors. You can get work done on your stomach to help it feel smoother and flatter, especially if you are worried about loose skin. You don't have to do an invasive treatment if your abdomen is largely smooth and you don't have a high body mass index or are not considered to be very overweight or obese. Read More