3 Gift Certificates Your Daughter Is Sure To Appreciate While Prepping For The Prom

Are you looking for ways to make sure that your teen daughter's prom is a special night that she will never forget? Being supportive of her style decisions, no matter how you personally feel about them, is a good start. And here are three gift certificates you can surprise her with to make getting ready for her big night fun and convenient:

Personal Shopping Services

To help ensure that your teen gets the dress she really wants for the prom, surprise her with a gift certificate for personal shopping services at a local dress shop she admires. Just an hour of personal shopping services can help your teen narrow down their options and choose the perfect prom dress so you don't have to spend days hunting for a dress. A personal shopper can help guide your teen toward the dresses in your price range and that feature your design preferences to help ensure that they stay on track. Just provide the personal shopper with a set of guidelines to use during the shopping session.

A Facial Spa Treatment

Pamper your teen by giving her a gift certificate for a facial spa treatment a couple of days before the prom. The treatment will help relax her and keep stress levels down while she preps for her big night. And she should leave her facial treatment with smoother, more supple skin that will shine when she walks through those prom doors. And getting a facial will help ensure that her pores are clean, so there's less of a chance that she'll have to battle a pimple on prom night. Consider getting facials together so you can take advantage of some special bonding time during this exciting phase of her life.

Hair Blow Drying and Styling

On the day of the prom, give your teen the opportunity to create a professional hairdo that she'll feel good about sporting throughout the night. You can help get the job done by giving her a gift certificate for a hair blow drying service and styling session. She'll be treated to a shampoo before the stylist creates a hairdo of your teen's choice depending on her hair length, cut, and thickness. Schedule the blow drying and styling session for at least three hours before your teen is due to leave for the prom so she has plenty of time to get dressed and do her makeup afterward.

With the help of these gift certificate ideas, you're sure to make prom night a special experience that your teenage daughter will remember for a lifetime.