4 Tips For Caring For Lash Extensions

Taking time to look your best will allow you to feel more self-confident. The good news is there are many things you can do these days that may drastically improve your appearance. One of these includes getting lash extensions, such as from Citrine Skin and Lash Spa, because these will make your eyelashes nice and thick. Being aware of specific tips for caring for these is sure to be helpful.

Tip #1: Avoid water

It's important to keep water away from your lashes as much as possible. For instance, when taking a shower be sure to keep your eyelashes protected.

Additionally, if you're in the steam room or another area where there is a great deal of moisture, it's important to avoid staying too long.

Tip #2: Use a thin brush

One way to allow your lashes to look the best is by keeping these separated. Since these may be long, it can be easy for every single one to get hooked on another.

Taking time to brush your lashes out will prevent this from happening and allow for the best possible look.

Tip #3: Limit mascara

It's important not to wear mascara as much as possible if you want to ensure the best care for your extensions. Overdoing it on the cosmetics can translate to hardened lashes. Pulling the lashes when taking off mascara can lead to fallout. If you occasionally use mascara, it's important that it's not waterproof.

Since your lashes will be much fuller, you may not be nearly as shy about going out in public without any mascara on.

Tip #4: Provide nourishment

It's important to keep your lashes in the best possible shape by nourishing these each day and night. There are specific serums on the market that will do this and can be extremely helpful in reducing the loss of lash hairs.

Be sure to speak with the professional that did this job for you to ensure you know the right type of serum to use that will help and not hurt your lash extensions in the long run.

Making the effort of getting this process done is likely to be one you'll genuinely enjoy over time. The way to get the most from your lash extensions is by knowing the best ways to care for these and taking time to do so. Be certain to schedule an appointment at your salon today to assist you in achieving the look you want!