3 Methods For Clearing Up Dark Marks For Acne Even When Exposed To The Sun

Acne may seem like a bad deal in and of itself. When acne breakouts occur, your skin is often sore, red, or inflamed in the spot of the breakout. After the breakout leaves, it is common for a scar to be left depending on the type of acne breakout. If you are interested in getting rid of acne scars, you will need to work on the surface of your skin. If you want to restore your skin back to its glowing and smooth tone, you will need to get proper facial treatments and perform the right type of daily care. The sun can exacerbate the darkening of dark marks when you are exposed outside. Here are three methods for clearing up your skin, even when you will be exposed to the sun. 

1. Start micro-needling treatments

You can get micro-needling treatments performed at the spa or even at home with the right equipment. Micro-needling uses very thin, or micro-sized needles that create tiny puncture wounds in the skin. These small micro-sized wounds cause the skin to try to heal. This means that the areas where you have dark marks will be granted another chance to heal and turn over their cells. Performing this treatment on a regular basis will increase the fading of your acne scarring. 

2. Get silk peels

For those who are afraid of chemical peels or cannot take many days to peel, a silk peel is the best type of treatment for skin that was acne prone. Whether you have dark marks or red scarring, the silk peel process will use microdermabrasion to blast tiny particles at the skin. Rather than peeling layers of skin over time like a chemical peel, the silk peel will leave your skin red for only an hour or two on average. This peel will rejuvenate the surface of your skin and will fade away any dark marks. This treatment will work to make your skin clear and smooth to the touch. 

3. Use sunblock and SPF products only

With the help of spa treatments, your skin will begin to clear itself and heal dark marks and red marks from acne scarring. You will need to protect your skin on a daily basis so that the sun does not begin to darken your marks again. To avoid this, purchase sunblock with at least a 50 SPF rating. Along with a sunblock cream, you should also purchase a cosmetic powder and foundation that includes SPF. Covering your face entirely with SPF while you are getting your treatments will keep your skin clear, even if you are exposed to the sun.  

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