What To Expect From Your First Balayage

The world of hair color has changed a lot over the past 10 years, and a lot of that has to do with the increasing popularity of balayage. This technique is several steps above the standard foil highlight techniques of yesteryear. The hair color is brushed gently into your hair for a more natural look but still with plenty of variation in color. Most salon customers leave feeling absolutely overjoyed with their results, but it's still nice to have an idea of what you can expect as you're sitting in the chair.

Your stylist will ask you questions about your preferences.

With balayage, there is more to consider than just the color choice. Your stylist will work with you to choose the best color or colors for your hair. They'll ask you how intense you want the color, how high up on your head you want it to go, and how much of the color you want in the ends of your hair. You can do a very light balayage where you have a few light highlights with even the ends of your hair being mostly their natural color. Or you can do a more intense balayage where the ends are almost fully the highlight color. Of course, you can choose anything between these two extremes.

Applying the color will take a while.

Applying balayage is an art. Your stylist will take their time as they brush the color into your hair, being sure to place it properly and gradually fade it out as you discussed. Don't be surprised if it takes your stylist at least 20 or 30 minutes to apply the color. Then, you'll need to sit and let the color set for about another 45 minutes, usually under a heat lamp.

Your hair will almost certainly be styled afterwards.

You can definitely expect your stylist to style your hair after your color is washed out. This is the best way for both of you to get a true look at how the balayage has come out. Your stylist will also give you an idea of how and where to best curl or introduce waves to your hair in order to show off the new color.

Balayage highlights look nice for far longer than traditional highlights, and they grow out naturally. They're a smart choice for anyone seeking a subtle, natural color choice, and the process of having them put in is simple and fun.