3 Tips for Renting a Salon Suite

When you rent a salon suite, you are essentially renting a chair and the space to do your salon work. You are renting out a space so that you can run your own business. Here are some tips for renting a salon suite.

1. Get Legal Advice Before Signing Your Lease Agreement

When you rent out a salon suite, you are entering into a legal agreement, and you are renting space that will allow you to work and run your business. Therefore, you are going to want to get the rental agreement right.

That is why you are going to want to ensure the lease is detailed. It should state how much freedom you have with painting, installing shelves, and customizing your area. It should state who takes care of updates and repairs to the space. It should state what equipment you will be provided with and can access as part of the lease. Finally, it should state who is paying for utilities and internet for the space or how they will be handled.

The contract should be detailed and include how you can use the space and who is responsible for upkeep. In addition, you will want to get an attorney to look over the lease, as you are renting a space and setting up a business with your lease.

2. Organize Your Finances

When you rent a salon suite, you are running a business, not engaging in a hobby, so you need to ensure that you have your finances in order. You can't just walk out with the money you make each day. You need to put aside money for taxes, rent, equipment, supplies, and time off. It is a good idea to put aside at least half of what you earn for these financial responsibilities and then pay yourself with the rest.

You are also going to want to keep track of all of your receipts. All the money you spend on your business could write off your taxes if you kept the proper records. Use an accounting program to track your expenses and keep track of your sales.

3. Attract Clients

If you want to maintain your salon suite, you need always to be attracting clients. One way to do this is to market your business on Instagram. Because Instagram is a visual medium, it is perfect for beauty industry workers. Ask customers if you can take their pictures and post it to your Instagram page. You can even as them to like the post and follow your account.

Another way to market your business is by placing business cards in local spots. Always introduce yourself and include what you do with a card. Send out a press release to your local newspaper. Work to always attract clients, so you have enough business to pay rent.

If you want to rent a salon suite, work with an attorney to go over the contract, and be sure the lease covers everything. Get your finances in order, as you are running a business now. Finally, find ways always to attract clients.