Are You Contemplating Botox For The First Time? Read This!

While most people would like to retain the vibrant and supple skin of their youth, aging is unavoidable. And with it comes an array of facial changes such as saggy skin, multiple wrinkles, and more. But before you go out and splurge on topical beauty products that do not address the underlying causes of these changes, you may want to think about Botox treatments. A presumption that you may have about Botox is that it is only viable for the elderly but this is not true. The reality of the matter is that the sooner you tackle the laugh lines and crow's feet that come with getting older, the higher the likelihood that you will maintain your youthful good looks for longer. But what should you anticipate if you have never received this treatment from your local spa? Here is a first-timer's guide to Botox injections.

What are Botox injections?  

In simple terms, Botox is an acronym of the words botulinum toxin. The botulinum toxin is acquired from clostridium botulinum bacteria and can block the neurotransmitters in your face. Since these neurotransmitters are tasked with triggering the various movements that your face makes, blocking their functionality will work to smoothen out your face by preventing the muscles from contracting. As a result, you find that not only are the wrinkles and fine lines on your face diminished, but they also will not worsen, as your facial muscles are not stimulating them. You should also know that the use of Botox is not limited to cosmetic purposes. Instead, the botulinum toxin can also be utilized to mitigate sweating, decrease muscle spasms, and so on.

Where is Botox injected?

Multiple areas can benefit from Botox treatments. Most commonly, these injections will be administered into the conspicuous wrinkles that form around your eyes and your forehead. In addition to this, you can also have Botox injected into your neck, especially if you have sagging skin that makes you feel self-conscious about your appearance, or your eyebrows if they are drooping. You can also have the treatment injected into your scalp too. If you would want to receive this treatment to address excessive sweating, the Botox treatment can be injected into your armpits, feet, and even your palms.

Will one session of Botox treatments suffice?

The number of Botox treatments that you would require will depend on the results that you desire. Generally, one round of injections should provide you with results that will last for several months. Nonetheless, the botulinum toxin does dissipate with time. Therefore, if you would like to maintain a wrinkle-free appearance, you would need to go in for another session before the Botox wears off.