Common Types Of Pedicures To Choose From

Years ago, getting a pedicure basically meant getting your nails trimmed and painted. It still does today, but now there are multiple types of pedicures to choose from. Some spas only have two or three options on the menu, but others have more. Here are some of the most common types of pedicures to choose from.

Basic Pedicure

If you see a basic pedicure on the spa menu, know this is the standard approach. The practitioner will soak and wash your feet, trim and shape your nails, and apply basic polish to your nails. If you do not want your nails colored, then they can apply a clear coat. In most cases, the basic pedicure also involves a brief foot and leg massage.

Express Pedicure

An express pedicure also uses nail polish, but it doesn't include the foot massage or the long soak. Instead, with this expedited option, the practitioner will briefly soak and clean your feet, give your nails a trim, and apply the polish. Some spas call this a mini pedicure. It's a good option to fill in between more intensive pedicures.

French Pedicure

If you opt for a French pedicure, you'll generally get a full soaking and massage. But when it comes to the nail polish, the ends of your nails will be painted white while the rest of the nails are painted clear or pink. This gives a quite polished, professional look.

Gel Pedicure

If you have trouble with your polish chipping and really want it to last longer, then you may want to opt for a gel pedicure. With this procedure, the practitioner will apply gel polish to your toenails. The gel polish is cured with a special UV light, which hardens it. Gel polish lasts much longer and is more durable than typical nail polish.

Athletic Pedicure

If you are hard on your feet because you're a hiker, runner, or involved in another type of athletics, then you may want to choose an athletic pedicure. The practitioner will spend more time on calluses, and they'll also trim your nails in a way that helps prevent ingrown toenails and toenail bruises. Nail polish may or may not be included.

If you visit a spa for a pedicure, make sure you weigh all of your options. Don't be afraid to ask a spa employee what certain pedicure services include if it's not clear on the menu. For more information, reach out to a pedicure spa near you.