An Anti-Aging Resurfacing Treatment Makes The Skin On Your Hands, Chest, And Face Look More Youthful

When your skin starts to show signs of aging, you may notice age spots or areas of discoloration along with an increase in wrinkles. Your skin may also appear loose or saggy. These problems can affect your face, chest, and hands. If your skin makes you feel unattractive or older than you feel, talk to a cosmetic doctor about having an anti-aging resurfacing treatment. These are often done with lasers. Here's how lasers can resurface your skin and help you look younger. 

The Laser Removes Areas Of Imperfections

A laser removes the surface layers of your skin. The doctor controls how deep the laser works, so the laser can go a little deeper than some other treatments. That's why laser resurfacing treatments are so effective. They can remove age spots and light wrinkles. Plus, when the top layers of skin peel off, the fresh skin below is exposed, and that gives you a glowing and younger-looking complexion.

If you spent a lot of time outdoors and have a lot of dark spots, especially on your hands and chest, removing those spots can make a big difference in the appearance of your skin.

The Laser Tightens Skin Too

This anti-aging resurfacing treatment not only gives the surface of your skin a fresh appearance, but it can also tighten your skin to fight sagging and loose skin. However, this effect may not happen right away. Instead, the heat from the laser causes the deeper layers of your skin to produce more collagen so your skin becomes more elastic and tight. This could help with mild sagging on your forehead or jowl area.

The production of collagen can also help reduce wrinkles. Fine wrinkles might be removed by resurfacing your skin, and medium wrinkles may be reduced over time through the skin-tightening effect of increased collagen production.

Laser Resurfacing Is Done In Different Ways

Talk to your cosmetic doctor about your options with this anti-aging resurfacing treatment. Since your doctor controls the depth of the laser, the treatments vary. Plus, different types of lasers can be used to resurface your skin. Some leave your skin red for a few days and then you peel. Others have a longer recovery period and take longer to get results.

Your cosmetic doctor can recommend the best anti-aging resurfacing treatment based on your skin condition, goals, and how long you can devote to your recovery. No matter which laser you choose, you could get younger, brighter, and more attractive skin that has a more toned and even complexion so you're not as self-conscious about the appearance of your face, chest, or hands.

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