Choices To Make When You Have A Body Scrub Treatment

If you feel that your skin could benefit from an exfoliating treatment, visiting your local day spa may be something you wish to add to your to-do list. While many people appreciate the exfoliation they get during a facial, there are spa treatments that can be beneficial for the skin in other areas of your body. One option is a body scrub, which features your spa attendant using a slightly abrasive product that exfoliates the skin on your back or elsewhere, helping to make it healthier. When you have this treatment, here are some choices that you'll get to make. 


Many day spas offer packages that combine a body scrub and a massage. While you might enjoy the feeling of your spa attendant exfoliating your back, receiving a back massage beforehand can deepen the pleasure of the appointment even more. You'll likely find that having a back massage immediately prior to your body scrub treatment allows you to relax more deeply, which is ideal if you often feel tense and have tight back muscles as a result. Generally, you'll get to choose how long of a back massage you wish to have.


The products used during body scrub treatments are available in several different scents, and your spa attendant will ask you which one you wish to try. Don't hesitate to ask them to identify each available scent, and you may even wish to smell some of them as you make your decision. The scents can vary, but you should expect to encounter calming scents such as lavender and eucalyptus. If you're the type of person who prefers unscented products, there's a good chance that the day spa will have body scrub products that aren't scented.

Lotion Or Oil

The final stage of a body scrub treatment is the application of lotion or oil to your back or wherever your spa attendant has exfoliated. You'll get to make several choices about this stage. For example, some people will favor lotion, which works its way into the skin quickly, while others might prefer oil, which can leave the skin slightly oily for a prolonged period. Thinking about what you'll do afterward can help your decision-making. For example, if you're going home immediately after the day spa visit and have an old shirt you can wear, you might not mind having an oily back because you appreciate how it feels.

Contact a local day spa to learn about body scrub treatments.