Uneven Skin Tone: Boost Your Skin’s Collagen With Microneedling

If your aging facial skin looks and feels dry, discolored, and rough, you could have an uneven skin tone. An uneven skin tone describes skin that looks dry, discolored, and rough.  Microneedling is a technique used by spas and salons to improve collagen production in your skin. Learn more about collagen and how microneedling can boost the collagen in your facial skin below. 

What Does Collagen Do for Your Skin? 

Collagen is one of the major building blocks, or proteins, in your skin. Collagen not only supports your skin so that it stays firm but the protein also gives it structure, shape, and elasticity. However, the collagen in your skin slowly decreases with age. Your skin can gradually become thinner, looser, drier, and more prone to discoloration by the sun, which can lead to an uneven skin tone.

An uneven skin tone appears dark or patchy over time. Your skin may appear darker on your cheeks, chin, and nose. You may even develop dark patches around your hairline or on your forehead. 

You could try to increase your skin's collagen with moisturizers and vitamins. However, develops deep below the surface of your skin. In order to stimulate your skin's collagen to grow, you can try microneedling. 

How Does Microneedling Work?

Microneedling is a technique that uses thin needles to stimulate collagen growth. The needles encourage the skin to produce collagen by creating tiny marks or holes in it. Your skin uses collagen to repair itself. The new layer of skin looks more even and smoother than it did before your cosmetic treatment. 

Before a spa or salon microneedles your skin, they'll prepare it first. The preparations may include washing your face with a mild cleanser and drying it thoroughly with a soft towelette or washcloth. A spa or salon will avoid adding moisturizers or serums to your skin until after they complete your treatment. 

After a spa or salon cleanses your skin, they'll check it for severe or deep acne blemishes, sores, and other skin issues. Microneedling uses sterile needles to penetrate your skin. Bacteria and open wounds can cause additional problems for you, including infections and flare-ups. If your skin isn't completely free of anything that could potentially harm it, a spa or salon will postpone your treatment until it improves. 

If your skin looks good, a spa or salon will go ahead and complete your microneedling treatment.

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