Choices To Make When You Have A Body Scrub Treatment

If you feel that your skin could benefit from an exfoliating treatment, visiting your local day spa may be something you wish to add to your to-do list. While many people appreciate the exfoliation they get during a facial, there are spa treatments that can be beneficial for the skin in other areas of your body. One option is a body scrub, which features your spa attendant using a slightly abrasive product that exfoliates the skin on your back or elsewhere, helping to make it healthier. Read More 

Choose A Shampoo That Can Help In These Ways

On the most basic level, shampoo is designed to clean your hair and give it a healthy shine. Many shampoo products can also freshen the scent of your hair, which you may enjoy. When you shop for a bottle of shampoo at a local salon, you'll get to see all sorts of high-end products that can help your hair in a number of ways. If you're buying shampoo after a hair appointment, you can expect that your stylist will have some recommendations about the best shampoo for your hair. Read More 

An Anti-Aging Resurfacing Treatment Makes The Skin On Your Hands, Chest, And Face Look More Youthful

When your skin starts to show signs of aging, you may notice age spots or areas of discoloration along with an increase in wrinkles. Your skin may also appear loose or saggy. These problems can affect your face, chest, and hands. If your skin makes you feel unattractive or older than you feel, talk to a cosmetic doctor about having an anti-aging resurfacing treatment. These are often done with lasers. Here's how lasers can resurface your skin and help you look younger. Read More